The DeWitt Companies

Moving freight and households via air, ocean and land, The DeWitt Companies wanted to align their logotype to their sub-brands.

A family owned moving company that cares about what they’re moving. The DeWitt Companies, the parent brand of five moving companies stationed throughout the pacific was gearing up for website revamps across all brand extensions, but they felt the parent company had been neglected when it came to the logo. Keeping in mind there were five other logos that this logotype would be paired with, it was important to look across the board at all of the brand extensions to locate a common thread. That common thread centered around the Gotham font family, from which the parent brand’s logotype was modeled. 

Along with straight forward logotype lockups a special edition logo was created that incorporated an abstract wave, peak and curve connecting with the "W" to represent the three modes in which DeWitt moves things; air, ocean and land. This special edition logotype was set to be the main logotype, but stakeholders really wanted to keep the main logotype simple and purely typographic. The special edition logotype is now set to be used only in special cases.

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